Winston the French Bulldog | Cardboard

Winston is our cardboard bulldog, a loyal friend that will never let you down.

The French Bulldog is a classic breed with quite a few adepts, this makes him a perfect gift. His straight ears and tiny legs make Winston very recognizable and cherished. Winston is no longer used as a ratter as he is more appreciated now as a companion and show dog. He was originally from England but moved to France during the Industrial Revolution. 

Pairing any of our cardboard dogs with Felix, our cardboard cat, will never earn you a fight as they get along pretty well.


oso y madroño

Designed and manufactured in the  EU

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Our top choice for a modern DIY decoration of either home, events or the office because of its beautiful design and creativity.

Our cardboard animals are light, strong and created in-house.

They can be easily transported and assembled without any glue thanks to our flat-package system.

Each piece is laser-cut, this assures the finest result for each and every of our faux taxidermy products.

Step-by-step instructions are included.

Our partially recycled cardboard can be decorated with paint, glitter and other creative ways!

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