Rex the T-Rex | Cardboard

Rex is our cardboard predator par excellence. Bigger, stronger and fiercer than the rest.

He is a full body size Tyrannosaurus Rex, whose jaws full of sharp teeth give the hardest bites. This cardboard rex is the most recognizable dinosaur, well-known around the world thanks to Jurassic Park.

Enjoy this faithful representation without any danger but don’t leave any wild size Rex around Lars, he gets hungry pretty easily 😉


oso y madroño

Designed and manufactured in the  EU

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We ship it in 48 hours


Our top choice for a modern DIY decoration of either home, events or the office because of its beautiful design and creativity.

Our cardboard animals are light, strong and created in-house.

They can be easily transported and assembled without any glue thanks to our flat-package system.

Each piece is laser-cut, this assures the finest result for each and every of our faux taxidermy products.

Step-by-step instructions are included.

Our partially recycled cardboard can be decorated with paint, glitter and other creative ways!

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