Red the Bull | Wood

Inspired in the most famous bulls breed in the world, Red is a Spanish bull.

His magnificent antlers make him a fearless animal with an unique character. He is as well a beautiful creature that will provide personality and strength to any space. Famously used by the Romans in their circus because of their aggressiveness and athleticism, they are mainly bred in Spain, Portugal, France and Latin America.

Make sure you do not agitate anything red in front of Red or this animal head will become alive and you’ll need to run!


oso y madroño

Designed and manufactured in the  EU

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This black popular plywood is specially chosen for our set of animal head trophies.

Thanks to its light color and elegant grain, it is perfect for wall art decor.

The characteristics of this wood make these wooden animal heads both weightless and solid, you will find the best shapes and designs at the minimum weight.

Each and every animal trophy is flat-packed thanks to our special system.

Glue or nails are not needed for assembling the animals, its difficulty grows as you move up in the size scale.

Each piece is laser-cut, this assures the finest result for our faux taxidermy products.

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