Lars the Deer | Cardboard

Meet Lars, our dear deer cardboard head, the perfect decoration for any space.

His magnificent shape will attract all the attention from the whole room, no matter how big it is. Inspired on the splendid red stag, Lars will be a great art wall decor.

This stag head trophy is a great gift to surprise anybody on a special date.

Jumbo the Elephant | Cardboard

Jumbo is a big friend – literally!

With his huge ears and tusks, it creates an incredible effect that will transport you to the African continent. The best trophy for any wild-decoration hunter or animal-lover. This is the perfect animal for choosing a wild size, his design is perfect for going big and amaze your visits.

Jumbo is the only cardboard animal that can match the boldness of Red.

Max the Bear | Cardboard

Max is our wild grizzly bear, beware of his big teeth and his powerful roar, he can really wake you up.

The habitat of this powerful creature are dense forests around the globe, but for sure it will make the perfect mate at any space you decide to hang it. This top-of-the-food-chain predator can look slow with his close to 360 kilos but his top speed is 50km/h. His detailed and cared design make him a fantastic cardboard friend.

His mate, Eddie, is accustomed to his presence as they live in the same area.


Nina the Unicorn | Cardboard

The beloved mythical animal, Nina is our beautiful cardboard unicorn.

This unicorn head will bring a magical atmosphere to any space. It is framed as a trophy so it can delight children and adults at any age and will for sure be a conversation starter. Its shield is adapted for an easier attachment to any wall.

Bright colors match with this design, don’t be afraid to personalize your Nina and make it yours.

Red the Bull | Cardboard

Inspired in the most famous bulls breed in the world, Red is a Spanish bull.

His magnificent antlers make him a fearless animal with an unique character. He is as well a beautiful creature that will provide personality and strength to any space. Famously used by the Romans in their circus because of their aggressiveness and athleticism, they are mainly bred in Spain, Portugal, France and Latin America.

Make sure you do not agitate anything red in front of Red or this animal head will become alive and you’ll need to run!

Earl the Rhino | Cardboard

Earl is our cardboard rhino, he may look calm, but he becomes really wild when needed.

The cardboard rhino head with his grand horn is a great animal trophy to hang. Moreover, he brings a wild look to the environment that will transport you directly to the African Savanna. With a special shield that will allow you to place him in that desired spot, Earl will be a central part of your home decoration.

If you are ready for a Full Body Earl, he is available.

Frankie the Dachshund | Cardboard

Dacoris could not miss one of the most iconic dog breeds and one of the most trendy dogs across the world.

This Dachshund makes the perfect companion at your workplace or home. Either if you miss your beloved dog or you like the shape of this beautiful puppy, you cannot pass on Frankie. This awesome domestic dog can be found in almost every city as his fans increase daily. His past as a hunting dog is well earned thanks to his unique physiognomy and accurate smell. However, Frankie no longer has any hunting instinct, he is docile and a original decor for your desk. 

It also works as a great gift for any Dachshund lover.


Winston the French Bulldog | Cardboard

Winston is our cardboard bulldog, a loyal friend that will never let you down.

The French Bulldog is a classic breed with quite a few adepts, this makes him a perfect gift. His straight ears and tiny legs make Winston very recognizable and cherished. Winston is no longer used as a ratter as he is more appreciated now as a companion and show dog. He was originally from England but moved to France during the Industrial Revolution. 

Pairing any of our cardboard dogs with Felix, our cardboard cat, will never earn you a fight as they get along pretty well.

Eddie the Eagle | Cardboard

We proudly introduce you to Eddie, our magnificent cardboard eagle.

His wide open wings reflect the powerful character of his breed. Standing on its own feet there is no need of extra base foot. Eddie can cause an awesome effect when you hang it from your ceiling, kids actually love to play with him.

One of the most interesting cardboard animals to customize with paint, be creative with your colors and don’t forget to send us the result!

Felix the Cat | Cardboard

Our cardboard cat is named after one of the cherished cats in TV, Felix.

A full body cat in a steady position that will amaze cat lovers as well as their pets. Felix could even make dog lovers change sides. His wild size is almost as big as a panther, but don’t worry he is very sociable and makes friends easily, even with our cardboard dogs.

There is no need to take care of him, all of our cardboard animals are perfectly well educated and he will not use his claws.

Rex the T-Rex | Cardboard

Rex is our cardboard predator par excellence. Bigger, stronger and fiercer than the rest.

He is a full body size Tyrannosaurus Rex, whose jaws full of sharp teeth give the hardest bites. This cardboard rex is the most recognizable dinosaur, well-known around the world thanks to Jurassic Park.

Enjoy this faithful representation without any danger but don’t leave any wild size Rex around Lars, he gets hungry pretty easily 😉

Earl the Rhino | Cardboard

Earl at his full. The full body size of Earl is the perfect representation of one of the most famous African species.

You don’t have to travel to Africa or go to the zoo to see the mighty African White Rhinoceros. Available from the wildest sizes to the tiniest ones, you will find the perfect cardboard rhino for your needs and budget.  

Earl is also available in Head Trophy.