What is Dacoris?

Dacoris is the name for original design and high quality decoration. A project born in Madrid with the goal of creating different decoration that brings your home that unique touch.

We want you to find what you are looking for at Dacoris: we offer high quality products with an original design for you to redecorate your home or personalize any product to make an special and unique gift.

Having Betty, our laser cutting machine, by our side everything is easier. Betty personalizes and adapts any product to your needs. All this can be achieved thanks to our work at our Taller (Workshop) in Madrid where all the magic happens, from designing, redesigning (to achieve the best versions) to producing each product dedicating the required time. All our products leave the Taller in two days since we receive your order.

Behind Dacoris there is a curious and ambitious team in constant search of new designs and products. In case you have any proposal or doubt, please tell us all about it. If you want to know us a little bit more visit our Instagram.